About sharkeyBot

sharkeyBot was created to help simplify the life of discord server owners / admins everywhere! sharkeyBot is constantly evolving, learning new tricks, and adapting to the way our users interact with Discord in general.
*sharkeyBot is an indie project, by a dude with no idea what he’s doing, with no prior experience. But it’s open source, and free to use in all ways.*


( with more to come )

Play Music
sharkeyBot’s simple music system allows for smooth playback from youtube, by linking a song or searching for music directly from discord!

Simple Moderation
sharkeyBot has a simple moderation system. Kick, ban, voice kick, warn, and mute. All moderation actions can be logged in a text channel of the server owner’s choice!

Fun & Games
sharkeyBot has a bunch of commands to make your server fun! Including a magic 8-ball, dice roll, meme command that pulls the latest top memes from r/dankmemes, and so much more!

Currency & Experience
sharkeyBot uses “Schmeckles” as its currency! Users can gain XP and Schmeckles from chatting, playing games, etc.

Custom Profiles
sharkeyBot features a custom “profile” system, that allows users to display their various gaming network IDs in one place.

Open Source
sharkeyBot is fully customizable, configurable, and adjustable. And if you can’t change a setting, or don’t like the way something outputs, sharkeyBot is completely open source!






Our team <3

Meet the people that keep sharkeyBot going!

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Support Discord Admin

вєℓιη∂α - ∂αвηѕℓαу #3699

Support Discord Admin

Rob - Thorns #6757

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Check the entire version history of sharkeyBot here.

sharkeyBot is always evolving and changing!

You can see a full version history, that lists any and all changes sharkeyBot has gone through. Keep up to date with sharkeyBot's new features as they roll out! Exciting things are coming in the future!

Version: 0.0.4
musicBot functionality has been added to sharkeyBot! $play music by directly linking to youtube. $play music by searching youtube through…
Version: 0.0.3
$profiles command that displays the user IDs and server stats for the command user. Setup database for profiles. Setup database…
Version: 0.0.2
Basic moderation commands added. Simple permissions system setup. Custom logging solution implemented.
Version: 0.0.1
Basic framework started. Integration with discord.js complete. Wait for message setup. Configurable prefix setup. Basic settings database complete.